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The Ten O’Clock News: Send Us Your Consumer Habits for a Chance to Win $20! Or not…

Technology is not on my side this evening – don’t even get me started on my ability to lose remote controls – so I need you. Yep, you, hi. One of my morning pastimes is reading news headlines off my phone to my friends and occasionally reading aloud a story. Today I learnt I have a Lib Dem voice… Too bad the Lib Dems don’t, muahaha…

Anyway, my favourite stories are the ones that I can make a lot of noise about, like UKIP being stupid. I get to wave my hands about and everything, like I know what I’m taking about. So I’m wondering: what are your favourite news stories? The one that make you actually happy or the ones that make your blood boil or the ones about people being funny, like that Sainsbury’s cash machine?

I’m genuinely interested, and not just because I’m curious to see if it’s just me who loves getting angry at the TV… what are your news-y habits?

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It’s a Good Thing I Never Expected Anything Better.

  I was going to write about the Teletubbies’ brain stems. Then I went to Sainsbury’s with the idea of buying the edition of NME in which Ray Toro got insulted (lovehandles?! Seriously?!) and bought Kerrang! as well. NME only had a review of Danger Days with all the usual crap about My Chem getting colourful with the hair dye.

  Read. The. Words: