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Blog Stuff and a Minor Rant About ‘Blurred Lines’

‘Sup snowflakes. I’m going to write a poem about hayfever. I’ll print it out on fancy paper and sell it on Etsy with links to tissue manufacturers.

Anyway I have to stop discussing illness here. Maybe I’ll start a whole new blog for it, just a little Tumblr or something. Like the one Jay made. Don’t read it if you’re under the age of 16. Actually I’d better work on current blogs first – the sidebar here is doing my head in because since WP stopped hosting the theme it’s been twice as tricky to customise links. I want cute and glittery things with pictures! But I don’t want to pay $30 for a WP upgrade! Because I don’t have $30! I’m seriously looking into merchandise options for here since it’s the five year anniversary really soon (I know) and it’d be nice to have something to celebrate. I’d also love to do a giveaway, but since I can’t afford merch to start with I think it’ll have to wait a while… I was thinking of using this place to make things – what would you guys like as designs or potential products? What’s your price range? I’m asking because you’re the people who’d be buying it!

Speaking of blogs, I’m going to put this documentary on The Webways soon. You should watch it and not just because I’m in it talking really fast.

Speaking of crazy fans, I just realised that I should probably update the Sherlock countdown since they have actually announced a new series… I was enjoying trying to maximise the timespan, my aim was to have it count down millennia…

I also feel like I should tell you guys that at my school prom the other night my friends and I were all “yeahhh dancing!!” then Blurred Lines came on and we were all “ewww bye!!” I have honestly never seen so many people simultaneously leave a dancefloor, it was almost good and almost as good as this. Yuck.

Okay I swear I had something else fun to say but since I can’t remember it I’m off to work on The Webways/write about hayfever.

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Moving Image Appreciation Post #4

Earlier I was walking with a cup of water and I bent down to pat Donnie, who stuck his nose into the cup and drank out of it for me. Between them, he and Fred took about two minutes to slurp the lot.

Keep hydrated, children!

It’s 11/12/13, which is a big deal because we’ll all be dead the next time it happens, so I thought I’d share some videos I like:

Selfie Song – Jamich and Davey Langit

I saw a bit of a music video about selfies on Al Jazeera the other day and I’m not sure if this is it – I’m also not sure where it’s set or the language they’re speaking – but it’s pleasant and cutsie and a reminder that selfies are flipping stupid.

Thought of the day: could you take a selfie with a flip phone?


Pantene’s Philippines Advert


By trashing labels they’ve promoted their own, but their concept’s sound. Women aren’t equal to men in the workplace, although while breaking those glass ceilings we can have shiny-as hair, yay! It also looks like it’d be great in the cinema, if it’s not already (I love cinema adverts. I play ‘guess the product’ then pretend I’ve got a film trailer then when they have the Love Cinema/Hate Piracy bit I get a kick out of the fact it’s the same font as the second I’m Not Okay video).

Speaking of glass ceilings.

Lily Allen – Hard Out Here


“Erm… I’ve had two babies.” Hallelujah and thank you universe for Lily Allen. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for doing the robot in front of a Robin Thicke piss-take.

I’m going to go around with “bitch bitch bitchbitch” in my head all tomorrow, ah…

So this is the twenty-first century, readers who found this while researching the last time the date said 11/12/13!

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The Six O’Clock News: Miley Cyrus. Just… Miley Cyrus.

In retrospect I should have listened to Gerard and just not know what it is that Miley Cyrus gets up to these days, but before I read Gerard’s Tweet I went on Twitter, so it was impossible. I’ve managed to not see her entire VMA performance, however, or her Wrecking Ball video, although I did end up watching a bit on an interview on Chatty Man a few Fridays ago when I’d exhausted my Friday DVD binge allowance.

So I may or may not be qualified to talk about her.

Much like the rest of the Internet.

Miley Cyrus is Punk as Fuck

This Noisey/Vice piece was posted on Twitter and Frank RT’d it, or something, which was interesting in itself since he spent twelve years in a sort-of punk band (although we all know that they were the most punk of all punk bands so maybe the lack of MCR in the universe has in some way allowed for Miley to be considered punk in the first place?). Anyway, the article is basically suggesting that Miley is more punk rock than certified punk rock bands because she actually does not care about Hannah Montana or what it says about a woman when she dances next to Robin Thicke while he’s singing that song… she does it because she wants to and she can.

I think I’m okay with that. I mean, she’s perfectly within her rights to live how she chooses, weed laws aside, and she doesn’t owe anybody anything – not least those Hannah fans who are probably my age now anyway and have almost certainly spent more Saturday nights getting wasted than I have. So should parents just turn off the TV when she starts dancing half-naked like they would when any other half-naked lady starts dancing? Are people just pissy because she used to be all cutsie and Disneyfied? Have people not noticed that Zac Effron and Demi Lovato have been  to rehab and that One Direction look like LA Ink clients? Children growing up isn’t a new thing, and she’s not going to be the last teenager who sticks two fingers up at her elders, publically or otherwise.

Then came this:

Sinéad O’Connor’s open letter to Miley Cyrus

I found this on The Guardian‘s site via Twitter because Sinead’s website is down – surprise! I also agree with it. The entertainment industry does not give a shit. That really shouldn’t be news to most of us, not after Amanda Bynes/Lindsay Lohan/insert fallen star here ended up in rehab/in a mental illness facility/dead etc. I’m really glad that someone who has been aged twenty-something in the music industry and is now forty-something and still in the music industry, mostly intact, has taken the time to point this out. Just as a stark reminder that if you’re in a magazine and you’re halfway attractive, people will buy that magazine because they want to get off, and they’ll read the article if you’re lucky. That’s the way the world works and until all parents teach their children that it’s not cool to look at a person and judge them purely on their underwear size or something, that’s the way it’s going to continue to work.

I think Miley probably knows that. Maybe that’s why she’s so punk rock. I mean, we all know what happens to the punk dudes who don’t clean up their act, right?

I might edit/continue this later. Not sure whether or not I’ve found a new soapbox.