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Happy Almost-Birthday, Jesus

Merry Christmas, snowflakes.


Original, slightly clearer version, with a blog-rant by Tim here.


Mishty and I haven’t finished #ProjectSnowflake yet, but the original is here.


“As in previous years, all proceeds from the sale of this song during the month of December 2012 will go to the National Autistic Society (NAS).” Head over to iTunes, Amazon or 7digital to do something simultaneously nice and legal.


Who needs Mariah when you have Gerard, anyway?


…And who needs actual songs when you have Tobi?

When WordPress lets SoundCloud embed like it ought, I’ll do a SoundCloud jam blog. Until then, xmas sux.

Happy birthday, Jesus!


December 2012

Some News (and I’m not being funny this time)

Do all you non-real-life readers remember Donnie? I don’t think I introduced him properly. My family found him – or rather, he found my family – in Greece in April last year, and we brought him home at the end of last January. He’s this little thing with huge webbed feet and a wonky face who breathes like Tim Minchin’s baby and hoards cuddles like that dwarf king did gold. He and Fred, our other dog, are amongst my top five things on the planet.

A few weeks ago Donnie’s eyes started going funny, rolling up in his head. My parents took him to the vet, who referred him to another vet, who diagnosed him with a disease called leishmaniasis. It’s a from a Leishmania parasite passed from sandflies to other creatures (humans can get it too but it isn’t a cross-species thing). Its symptoms can be controlled with drugs but it cannot be cured and it causes, amongst other things, kidney failure. Donnie went into a critical care hospital at the weekend after he stopped eating, came home on Tuesday and went back today, when he stopped eating again. He’s been put on a feeding tube and should be home tomorrow, but we’ve been told that he only has a few months left. I don’t quite know how to explain how incredibly unfair this is, or how distraught my family is – but I’m letting you lot know so if I don’t post for three weeks during the next six months, you need not worry; I’m sitting at home with Fred trying not to have a meltdown. I’ll probably also be doing a lot of pet-centric posts in the spring which I’ve thought about over the past year but never made because I assumed I’d have years to sort them out.

To prevent this site becoming too life-y, if the world doesn’t end tomorrow I’ll post the Indifferent Ignorance awards (and if anyone who found this randomly wants to post a spelling issue or something equally asinine, save yourself the trouble: my response will be to block you from posting again, or to tell you to go fuck yourself, or both).


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It’s 12/12/12 and I should be writing something historical and time capsule-worthy, but all I want to do is go to sleep.

It’s interesting that in one hundred years, when this date occurs again, I won’t be here to see it. Neither will you. Possibly neither will the Internet. Your children might, if there isn’t an apocalypse some time in the next century. The recession will probably still be going on regardless.

So if many things are ultimately futile, then, we may as well have a laugh, or do some sort of footprint-making if we are inclined to impose our presence on others when we’re dust (or are we stars? I never can remember).

Let’s make some lights and let the double-dip recession do what it will.

[If the link didn’t work blame the WP iPhone app. You all know how to find the song.]

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MCRmy Census, #ProjectSnowflake and Project-Esque Updates

  It occurred to me that I haven’t been keeping the universe (you lot) updated with regards to my project-shaped goings on, so by way of explanation I’ve created a hypothetical Q&A with myself, answering any wonderings you may have had, while simultaneously boosting my Christmas-needing self-esteem:

How come you can spit out work like Nail Varnish but not tell us news about the MCRmy Census?
I have slow and fast burning projects. Fast burning ones, such as Nail Varnish, happen within a matter of days or weeks – I write, I submit, maybe something comes of it. Post submission, it’s not my job anymore. Slow burning projects take longer – weeks or months. They might naturally require more work to complete, or my life might take precedent partway through (yeah, life. Contrary to popular belief, I do have one). Or both. The Census is huge. If I had known the work needed, I would have definitely postponed it to after my exams, or possibly my school career. That doesn’t mean it’s not still going. I’m currently on phase four, out of a possible ten. Take the stance that a radio silence is better than a big ‘DISCONTINUED’ banner accross the top of The Webways with an explanation citing reasons why I stopped working…

So, what’s going on with #ProjectSnowflake? There’s two of you doing it, so shouldn’t that halve production time?

Hahaha no. Two of us have lives! Mishty and I are still in the process of creating a video (and if you think that’s easy, try making one with someone you’ve never met in person who lives on another continent, in the midst of exams and technical crap-fests).

You’re still blogging regularly on Indifferent Ignorance and The Webways so why can’t you put more time into other projects?

It doesn’t always work like that. I try to split my time three ways: my real actual life with people, pets and occasional sleeping; homework, a proposed twenty hours of independent study per week and building a UCAS form; and projects – blogs, writing, arty things and MCRmy goings-on. If I have a couple of hours to spare I’ll rework the Indifferent Ignorance pages or do Census scheming. If I have twenty minutes, I’ll catch up on correspondence or put together a blog post.  I also have to work my physiotherapy into my time: I’ve been dealing with arm trouble for two years and seeing a physiotherapist intermittently for nine months. If I had stopped projects months or years ago I might have gotten better already but as it stands – and taking school into account – I have a long-term problem. So it all depends on the day, really.

Sometimes I’m falling asleep and have a panic as I remember that I haven’t Census-ed in weeks or blogged in days and I beat myself up over it… but at the end of the day, my life comes first. I willingly do all these things and they are all part of my life, but they are just that – one part each. If I didn’t have several things going on at once I’d run out of stuff to talk about and go back to watching EastEnders, but that doesn’t mean I exist purely to create online-happenings.

Finding a balance with all these things isn’t easy, but I am getting things done. Promise! In the mean time, if you have any questions about the Census, The Webways, Indifferent Ignorance or my writing (or anything else that you think I might know the answer to, such as “What’s it like having people rub cake in your wheat and egg intolerant face?”) ask me: The questions can be anonymous and you don’t need an account to ask.

xoxo ❤ #hashtag etc.


P.S. If you’re waiting around for news, unable to function for the suspense, be productive and listen to G. Way’s new music. Or MSI’s new music. Or get off the Internet and do your homework before Christmas kicks in.

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Six Degrees of My Headache

I thought I should let you know that recently I’ve been rereading and discovering the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus novels respectively, and that earlier I had a boogie to Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners, which featured in a film called The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which starred Logan Lerman, who also had the lead role in the film version of Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, and Emma Watson, who played Hermione in Harry Potter, a series to which the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus stories are compared, because they both have roots in Greek mythology, which obviously means Rick Riordan’s been nicking ideas off JK Rowling.

I hope that knowledge made your head hurt as much as it has mine. Let’s be infinite.