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Guess who ate an entire giant Cadbury bar in one sitting today?

YES CORRECT ME. I’m quite good at not eating while I work unless I’m editing, in which case I am basically a food bin. On the plus side, I finished the latest draft of a chunk of dragonnovel and finally got around to naming a couple of characters, so I think on balance everything works out. Except my IBS, ha.

Who else has been sitting out in the garden pretending to be a lady of leisure? If it’s gone 4pm and the sun’s out, I may as well change my email auto-reply to ‘I did get your message but I’ve got better things to do than respond. I mean, it might snow tomorrow.’

The Mini is still getting surgery, and I am tootling around in a Ford Focus if I can’t absolutely walk somewhere. I think when the Mini gets back we’re going to have to have a serious talk about what we expect from one another. In the last six months I have procured a battery, three lights and a set of jump leads, and that’s before the bill comes in for the latest round of fixes. I am starting to wonder if I should have bought something more reliable, like a tank.

I did have something more substantial to write about, but all the sun and chocolate has melted my brain so I’m going to go and do some star jumps or something. Is April too early to start drinking iced coffee?


2 thoughts on “Guess who ate an entire giant Cadbury bar in one sitting today?

  1. star jumps? in this heat? are you mad?
    but yes to iced coffee. definitely not too early
    no – i have not been sitting pretending to be a lady of leisure. sadly, i have been working, cleaning other people’s houses. in this heat!!! inside of washing up gloves (extra tough variety) gets very slimy when hands get sweaty. it is not nice!! i envy your “lady of leisure” pretence!

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    1. It is entirely a pretence haha but I spend too much time in front of the computer so I’m calling it self care…
      I dunno if it applies to gloves, but talcum powder works okay for keeping socks and toes kind of dry-ish. Ish.

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