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The Sneezing Hour

Normally I would not consider turning my phone on when I’ve been in bed three hours, especially since I already have a very questionable relationship with it, but I have a cold. I think it’s been a while since I waxed lyrical about the imperfections of my immune system and it’s too late to start, but can I just say that I hope whoever gave me this cold ends up in hell. 

I’m snotty enough to not be sleeping and the one tablet I took has given me a stomachache, but the book I’m reading is mediocre and one of the dogs has been woofing at nothing (I checked and we weren’t being burgled) so I thought I’d come and say hello. Make something useful at 1am instead of pretending to count backwards from 1000. I’m not sure if this qualifies as useful but it has distracted me from the stomachache, so that’s one-nil in Francesca vs Phone Addiction. Phone Wastage. 

At least I’m not scrolling through the popular page on Instagram, basically.

I might put the world service on the radio. I might reattempt the book. I might even get to sleep before sunrise, which would be nice because my shifts in the shop are getting longer in the run up to Sunday, I have vaccinations tomorrow and I have to go out to dinner sometime. Friday? God, Friday’s tomorrow.

I think foxes are waking the dogs up. I can hear both Donnie and foxes yapping. Unless one of the neighbours’ dogs escaped. Weirder shit has happened on my street. I almost wish my ears were even more bunged up because if they keep it up (Don or the foxes) I will have to get up to observe (foxes) and subdue (Donnie). And I have gotten comfortable in the space of this paragraph. Haven’t even sneezed for five minutes.

I think I will chance the book again. I really do need to get some sleep at some point. As I am on my phone I do not have a fun gif to share to emphasise that, but I guess retro/vintage is in fashion. And I have missed popping in to chat whenever I fancy it, not that anything’s really been stopping me lately. Too bad ‘whenever’ has become ‘the witching hour when I’m sharing a bed with a dozen snot-soaked tissues’. Whatever.

See you when it’s light out.


3 thoughts on “The Sneezing Hour

  1. Hey there! For some reason, I have this itch to sneeze since I woke up today too! It’s probably some trace of spices left …on my clothes?? Not sure. Because I just cleaned up the kitchen. Maybe it’s stuck in my nose.

    Anyway, hey Francesca, I looked up the Support but it doesn’t seem to be the same on my account for how to change the comment prompt. You know, how you have “that way neither of our time…”?? So, could you try to help me with that? I’m not sure what else to do!

    Gah! 14 days away!!! That’s crazy! but cool.


      1. Got your message F! Thanks! It helped! (Still like your prompt the best. It really hit on my conscience, in a friendly way, to comment, which is what i want for my blog. But of course, now I comment on here for fun! 🙂 )

        Now then, back on topic. Maybe it is dust. The house is due for a clean. Ahhh! Lol Curry spice “kills your nose”?? Like burns or dulls your senses? Lol Seems like I get a little of both the sneezing and the burning, but the senses are definitely alive either way! 😛


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