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Moving Image Appreciation Post #10

I hate the name of this series but I can’t think what to rename it, so here we go. (Yes I am on holiday right now. I did some magic. I am on a beach and probably asleep.)

Why isn’t my youth like that. Where are the denim jackets? The masses of people? The bowling alley that isn’t scummy? My local bowling alley is a shithole with way less gays – or it was in 2009, which was the last time I bothered going. I don’t much like denim jackets. Also, is it just me or are half the people in that video too young for tape recorders.

This video summed up my psyche before my psyche was my psyche. I love the word psyche.

I remembered this when I was doing the Indifferent Ignorance Retrospective and I think I should watch it more often. It should be required viewing.


2 thoughts on “Moving Image Appreciation Post #10

  1. I’m gonna have to catch up on this blog sometime soon. I’ve always enjoyed it. 🙂
    But today, I just had to watch the Frank and SweetPea bit. So cute! Honestly the first time I saw this though, I kindof felt bad for, well I didn’t know SweetPea by name at the time, but for SP…but, eh, I think they can handle a bit of that silliness when they know you love em. Gah! haha that tap dance near the end (lol) and I love how Frank’s laughing all along and trying to hide his face. 😀

    Awe! made my day!

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    1. So am I.

      Pretty sure Sweet Pea’s down with the dancing. She strikes me as a refined lady far too classy to put up with dancing to a song she didn’t like.


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