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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution by a Qualified Expert (part of this title is a lie)

Evening. To continue with the new year’s intentions theme, I feel like we should talk about the importance of fucking up within the first week. A personal NY intention, for example, was to use my new hula hoop until I got abs or it broke. Although I’ve learnt that I can use it indoors (trying to keep the hoop from hitting the couch is actually a really good way of testing my currently small stomach muscles) I have so far missed two days. Yesterday didn’t really count because I did some impromptu Pilates in my pyjamas and exercise is exercise even if it’s five minutes before breakfast in your jammies, amirite. Today I got up so late that my main exercise was pulling on a jumper faster than usual… so now I am aware that it’s 7pm and if I don’t do something soon I am in danger of FAILING.

Except that’s bollocks, really, and I refuse to beat myself up for it. Because:

  • I already exercised today when I walked the dogs and around town (and I dropped massive effing books back in to the library which let’s face it is free weightlifting)
  • There is no way in hell I will exercise ‘officially’ every day for the rest of my life and I may as well get used to that now
  • I actually bruised my hip the other day from the weights in the hoop so missing a day or two during the week while I’m learning is probably smart in case I accidentally overdo it and pass out from overexertion or something (unlikely, since I can’t currently keep the hoop going for more than thirty seconds).

So 2016 is not ruined. I keep sleeping through my alarm so I have no idea if I’ll get up in time to do it tomorrow, or if I’ll make time in the evening, but the hoop isn’t going anywhere. Neither’s my skipping rope, which I can’t really bring in the house and don’t want to use in the rain in case I slip and crack my head, nor my Pilates mat, which I can actually use whenever the fancy takes me, providing I remove denim clothing first.

I will exercise again this year. Hopefully tomorrow. Maybe today. And if not, well…

So if you’ve already missed a day of your new serious homework schedule or your timetabled revision or your new year’s housework routine, chill. You survived 2015 without your new habits, and missing a  couple of days won’t form bad ones. That being said, if anyone has any tips on not sleeping through their alarm, please do share. I do not enjoy rushing through my morning shower.



6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution by a Qualified Expert (part of this title is a lie)

  1. I actually had to stop using the radio alarm (because I’d just dream for like an hour before I’d wake) so I had to go back to the blaring annoying one (but that’s so painful, i’d have to snooze to like de-stress before waking. bleh! I’m happy to say that my phone now has a really nice alarm that gradually gets louder and louder, so that’s perfect for me to wake up peacefully and refreshed. XD

    I’m trying this site again Francesca!

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    1. I do stay in bed for ages listening to the news, but if I had an alarm on my phone I’d be on my phone from the moment I wake up and that would be detrimental to getting out of bed and starting the day. 🙂

      I try this site again about twice a week, I’ll let you know how it goes…


      1. Ah! Well, I guess I don’t have that trouble as I have the internet turned off on my phone, so it’s really just a phone. Maybe you’ll invent an alarm clock with a nice alarm. XD

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    1. I actually already have it 15 minutes early, I just keep sleeping through it! It’s a radio alarm so I might just keep turning the volume up until it works… Thanks! Good luck with your photography. 🙂

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