Government and Politics · March 2015

Election Flu

A kind soul at the BBC decided to display on the TV screen that there’s 40 days left until the election… is it just me or is the coverage already boring, depressing and altogether too full of barely-distinguishable white dudes?

I’m tempted to do a mini-series – well, a series – where I blog about the election, maybe like The Six O’Clock News. I’ve been meaning to get info about the candidates in my constituency, to take the piss if nothing else. So far there’s been no door-to-door lark except for a Green Party leaflet. How am I supposed to decide how to cast my vote if the only constituent I’ve any understanding of is Mr Green Party?

(For the record, I live in Essex and there’s a higher chance of the Lib Dems taking the seat than there is of a Green winner. I am 80% sure it’s going to go UKIP and that makes me want to move.)

Anyway, I will sleep on it and decide whether it’s worthwhile doing genuine work about these fuckers. I mean, with the best will in the world they’ll all still be fuckers by May, and the people who don’t care now probably won’t care then either. But it is quite tempting to embark on a 40-day piss-take, like a grumpy atheist Noah. God, what a thought.


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