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A Question About Gap Years

It’s raining hard so I’ve sought shelter in a cafe with Greek-dubbed Spongebob on the telly, which is even less sensical than US-English Spongebob.

If/when the rain stops I will go ‘back to work’ ie plotting world domination via Etsy and scratching away at a fan fiction commission. It’s a nice life, even if listening to dogs bark in last night’s storm made me miss Don and Fred, although the hot water sometimes doesn’t work and I’ve eaten out so much that I will need to go for extra Pilates classes when I get back. I was taking to an English lady yesterday who did a couple of gap years between various qualifications and went to Turkey.

Got me thinking: if you guys could take off from your current life situations and go anywhere or do anything, where would you go and what would you do? Say money was no object and your families/pets/jobs were safe and secure?

Someone’s turned the TV to the news. I think it’s either about Ebola or football…

Update: football. Something about the Albania/Serbia match the other day. I think. I think it’s in Albanian. The guy talking looks very intense.


5 thoughts on “A Question About Gap Years

  1. Mine would involve travelling, one way or another. I think I’d like to slow-travel, i.e. spend up to a month at a time in every place I went to, and work on my writing while there. Definitely a few places in Japan, and also Australia and New Zealand. I’ve been to all these places for very brief periods of time, and I never stopped wishing to go back for longer.

    *wistful sigh*


    1. I love that idea! I suppose I’m sort of doing that now; I’m in Zante four weeks then home. Maybe you could do ‘mini gaps’ of a month at a time?!


  2. Well, you know, I’d travel the world, volunteer for worthy causes, set up my own very successful business….

    Just kidding! As we’ve seen, the only thing I’ve done with a gap year is spend 1/3 year doing precisely nothing.

    I’m just a lost cause.


    1. No no no you aren’t you’re making cool stuff with me! (I want to see you ASAP when I’m home, partly because I like you and partly because you can help with Operation World Domination!)


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