DISCUSS. · May 2014

The Ten O’Clock News: Rinse & Repeat

I have one of those headaches that makes one’s eyeballs rattle around one’s skull, so this will be quick so I can go and sip a litre of water and resolve to plan the News better in future. Again

is it just me or is there a lot of very stupid stuff going on in the media at the moment? I’ve been busy and ill all week so it feels like ten years since Eurovision (I was going to do this about MEPs and maybe the EU) but in the meantime I swear every time I turn on the news – which is a lot because the rolling news channels are great for snoozing – there’s another old TV dude on trial for peadophilia, or another terrorist attack in Africa and another piece of ‘entertainment news’ that is basically rich people acting exactly the same way as non-rich people except with a camera in the room.

just read everything back and because I’m using the browser on my iPad to do this, I can’t edit it well – I apologise for the rubbish grammar and will fix it when I can. Anyway, my point is: are there ‘patterns’ of news and cycles of what is or isn’t broadcast – or are events cyclical? Heard someone say this week that if that Spanish teacher hadn’t been stabbed, there would probably be no coverage of the students who tried to slip their teacher bleach. (Again, links are hard. Google, darling snowflakes!) The Nigerian girls’ kidnap had appalingly little coverage until the US government noticed what was happening and in the mean time, the Malaysian plane disappearance and the South Korean ferry disaster are minor stories now. Is his because something newer has occurred or because if everybody was exposed to all the news all the time we would always be distracted by it? Is it right that stories are so easy to forget?

just tried the spellcheck and although I can see my mistakes I can’t fix them. Gah, I’ll quit while I’m ahead. If any of what I’ve written has made sense – or even if it hasn’t – let me know what you think!



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