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Pancake Day! Or, Not.

You know those weeks when you think it’s Wednesday when it’s Tuesday and Thursday when it’s Wednesday and Monday was a fortnight ago?

Yep yep.

I also can’t remember what I wanted to talk about so let’s all talk about Pancake Day (which I thought was either yesterday or 30th March). Last year’s was my first unable to eat two thirds of the ingredients so I had a Lindt rabbit instead but I’ve found a recipe I want to try out which substitutes everything. Also found one for making your own version of Nutella, which is very tempting… I actually think I’m okay with normal Nutella.

I may make some anyway.

Right, favourite pancake toppings: discuss.

(I liked everything. Have individual flavours first then mix everything in one then for the final serving, presuming the mix hasn’t landed on the ceiling, choose your favourite and resolve to make pancakes more in the next year. Never do.)

Oh, and Scotch pancakes. Mmm. If I ever learn to cook in other ways than using a microwave, I might investigate all available types of pancake. Someone’s already done it with potatoes. Mmm, potatoes. Is there a designated potato day? Potatoes are the second-best food possibly ever and they deserve a day. Carbs and vegetables, people, simultaneously. The best food is the humble oat, because they can be manipulated to suit every meal of the day including dessert and they cost a tinny amount relative to their surface area and they cook faster than potatoes in a microwave.

I just read that back and it’s time to go to bed. I sort of want to stay up and think of puns about wild oats. Party oats.

Ruby drew some wild oats in English once. If you’re reading this please know that your face when we explained what the phrase means (as in, when Heathcliff was sewing ’em) is in my top ten senior school memories.

That said, so is the time someone in History thought Osama bin Laden was one of the Beatles.


4 thoughts on “Pancake Day! Or, Not.

  1. Hahaha, The Beatles! Really? John, Paul, George, Ringo & Osama! I mean fair enough, as a name, in comparison to the mundane nature of J, P & G – Ringo is pushing the boundaries … but Osama? It is still making me chuckle.

    Yeah, Pancake Day … as it’s such an essential part of our national identity, it should be easier to know when it is – and it seems like it should have a fixed date. But it doesn’t – cos it’s the start of Lent, which leads up to Easter, which has a variable date, linked to the first full moon after the spring equinox (or some-such craziness!). So you’re not alone in persistently wondering if you’ve missed it. And, in part, shops are also to blame cos they advertise things so far in advance that it’s easy to lose track of when the next feasting day is!

    Toppings? Gotta go traditional – can’t beat lemon juice and sugar! Even though as a diabetic, that’s not really the best idea. Then golden syrup. But never mix the two – it’s just wrong! Marshmallows and chocolate spread – ooh, maybe I should try Marshmallow Fluff! Had a pancake party once – and never again. Made loads of them and piled them high in the oven to keep warm with greaseproof paper in between them …. that was a lot of greaseproof. And having made so many, I really didn’t want to eat them. But we had all sorts of stuff – sliced bananas, jam, ice cream & ice cream toppings, sprinkles, maple syrup, dulce du leche (lush toffee sauce), condensed milk.
    And coincidentally, it was a pancake day which I’m sure triggered my diabetes … I ate about 10 pancakes and a few days later started noticing symptoms of diabetes! Ket that be a lesson kids! Anything in moderation – and 10 pancakes is not a moderate intake!

    Scotch pancakes? never tried making them – but have had shop bought ones. They’re a bit like American pancakes, which are really easy to do. And I have that same thing, wherein every Pancake Day, it so nice munching through a (small) plateful that you tell yourself that you should eat them more often, not just on pancake day …. and before you know it, the official day has come round again and you realise you haven’t had them in a year! I vote we have Pancake Saturdays – the first Saturday of each month. It’s unlikely to clash with many other occasions so we should be in the clear.

    There’s a National Chip Week but I don’t know about Potato Day. And oats are excellent, especially if you have diabetes. Many times I’ve had Ready Brek (I don’t like proper porridge) for dinner, just because I can! With jam, preferably strawberry. Sometimes with golden syrup. And rarely, with Rolos stirred in!


    1. Oh good Lord Rolos and porridge.

      This will happen when school is over – a week of oaty food and I shall live blog it and join the realms of foodie bloggers. May also try Pancake Saturdays if the recipe works. I used to like omelettes at weekends but I’ve not found a replacement yet.

      On the Osama front, if I remember correctly the person also thought Athens was in Italy. Or maybe that Rome is in Greece. Hmm.


      1. to some extent the confusion over the whereabouts of Athens/Rome and Italy/Greece is understandable when you consider how much historical stuff, particularly on the continent, is Greco-Roman. So thinking Rome is in Greece is kind of a reasonable error. I say this also, having failed Geography miserably when I mistakenly confused market gardening in Holland with sheep farming in Denmark and it wasn’t until almost the end of the exam that I realised but had no time to correct the whole essay!
        Let’s start the campaign for Pancake Saturdays 🙂


        1. Aha Graeco-Roman lark is beautiful (and has wonderfully ambiguous spelling as I just discovered. I choose to add the ‘a’). It’s also incredibly complex until I realise that Uncle Rick covered it for a plot line in ‘Heroes of Olympus’…

          Books help you learn, children.

          Also, ‘market gardening’?! I’d like to see this.


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