February 2014 · TV · Videos

Moving Image Appreciation Post #5

Chloe showed me this today and I almost fell off my chair. Amen and holy bats Sotchi looks chilly (and snowboarding cold).


Don’t think I even need to say anything.

Ever again.

2 thoughts on “Moving Image Appreciation Post #5

  1. well, I, for one, am so pleased you posted this here ….. events earlier this evening now make sense!
    sky box (other digital viewing services also available) had been left on E4, son came downstairs after a shower and switched TV on …. to be greeted with this ad! He was completely puzzled and bemused, and extremely concerned as to what else I’d been watching earlier. I arrived on the scene as the ad disappeared and didn’t have any idea what was going on.
    now it’s all clear – so, thanks for that 🙂
    and kudos to C4 for doing it in the first place – shame they have to and that Russia is still allowed to host the winter olympics despite the outcry against their disgusting laws.


    1. Pleased to have helped with minor domestic issues.

      The Olympic rules say that they shouldn’t discriminate, which they have, and Russian laws say you can’t promote non-traditional sexual relations, so many participating states have.

      (At least it’s even. Now for light to be shone on all they other inequalities!)


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