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Tag Your Posts When You’re Fully Awake.

So my Pilates class is from eight until nine on Thursday and I usually trot home and go to bed because it’s so relaxing all my bones and joints curl up like small creatures hibernating, but today we had pie and lattes for Christmas, so I will probably fall asleep when it’s time to wake up.

You should suffer with me.



4 thoughts on “Tag Your Posts When You’re Fully Awake.

  1. I did found out that his birth took 72 hours!!!! I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that I was not fan-girling over him and finding out every detail – I just wanted to know how old he was (sidenote: Did you know that Jim Parsons is 40? 40!?!). But I did make Ellen listen to some the other day. I don’t think she was too impressed.

    I just have the weirdest musical interests sometimes.



    1. Well that is one ageless actor right there.

      S’okay, kid, you’re talking to an MSI fan. No judgement here.

      Unless it’s Robin Thicke in which case leave now please.


  2. Is it really bad that I actually love Eminem’s stuff? Especially Bezerk. And of course, The Real Slim Shady.



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