Indifferent Ignorance · Internet · November 2013

Calling All Regular Readers, and Those of You Who Clicked This On a Whim!

This is just a quick post while I’m thinking about it (I’ll reply to comments tomorrow):

I was being reasonably serious about nominations for the Indifferent Ignorance awards. It’s Boxing Day in a month – I know – which means 2014 is creeping nearer, and 2013 deserves to go out with if not a bang then perhaps a gentle pat on the back. It’s been one of those years.

I will accept any and all suggestions for any and all categories, but reserve the right to ridicule them. I also can’t access links right this very second, so you guys can all navigate yourselves to last year’s (actually published in June) and to 2011’s (published in December 2011, roughly the last time I was organised), right?



Leave a comment. That way neither of our time will have been wasted.

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