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Six O’Clock News: When the Pope is Less Offensive Than An Old White Man, We’re on the Right Track

Pope Francis Rejects Focus on Gays, Abortion

The Pope isn’t a tosser, which I’ve suspected for a while. In the last few years I’ve become increasingly worried that I’m turning into an atheist version of a fundamentalist [insert religion of your choice here]. The longer I take Politics the less faith I have in, well, pretty much everything, especially in a deity who lets children get gang raped or whatever.

But I try really hard to take every religious person I come across as they come, since religion’s just one part of a person and it does my head in when people judge me, and I’m really glad that the Pope feels the same. Now for the rest of the world!

MEP Bloom Loses Whip Over Joke
Bongo-Bongo Man can’t do his job anymore because he called half the electorate “sluts” today. Yay! Proof that UKIP aren’t just racists! It’s good to know exactly who they hate, eh?


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