April 2103 · Indifferent Ignorance · Internet

Shameless Promotion Attempt #5689473 ‘Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Let’s try this out… It’s been popping up for years on the stats page…

All right then, I think this is where you can find Indifferent Ignorance on Bloglovin. It’s basically a way to keep up with blogs you like without filling up your email inbox (although there’s the option to get an email from them when I post, which for those of you who subscribe and follow me on Twitter will result in a Francesca hat-trick, fun).

Now trying to work out if I want a scary girl, a scary naked girl or an Eiffel Tower follow button for the sidebar. The best representation versus the weirdest versus funny/eye-catching versus lesbian followers versus France…

Help please?!


Leave a comment. That way neither of our time will have been wasted.

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