Internet · March 2013 · MCRmy

Ah, Social Media. Let’s Work Together.

So, Indifferent Ignorance is on Facebook.

By Indifferent Ignorance I also mean me, as I have an account to admin the page. I don’t mind being ‘friended’ on there if you’d like that, but I reserve the right to a) refuse to actually call us friends in a real-life context and b) ignore you completely in favour of the II page… or site, come to that. (Facebook makes me a bit nervous, sorry, I grew up with it being synonymous with kiddie fiddling… I’m also not entirely sure how to press all the buttons correctly.)

That said, it’s all about getting this site and The Webways as much Internetz space as possible, so do your thing, Facey snowflakes! Comments – do you call them that on Facebook? – are always welcome and there are a few nice things to click on both the Indifferent Ignorance page and mine, although I must admit they all ultimately link back to here or The Webways…

In terms of things to click on this site: I’m working on making the sidebar on this site a bit prettier for everyone who likes to use social media and whatnot, but in the meantime just enjoy the half-edited Transmissions pages and/ancient Tweets/YouTube channel…


Leave a comment. That way neither of our time will have been wasted.

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