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…A Continuation

This week has been pretty weird, but the knowledge that the Conservative Party is weirder (more weird? I’m never sure) has made me feel slightly better. I mean, they’re tying themselves in knots because I can not only marry whoever I deem appropriate, but I can do so in the knowledge that I’ll be able to support my husband/wife because my qualifications might actually mean something.

Oh, who am I kidding, no one has a flipping clue how eighteen multiple choice tests and a sixteen-mark question will help us live harmonious, straight-marriage-undermining lives.

Matt, 'The Telegraph'
Matt, ‘The Telegraph’

By the way, has anyone who is straight-married had their union directly threatened or undermined since Tuesday evening? (I’m quite curious because I think it would be funny/sad if someone came out to their husband or wife and announced that they’re leaving them because they can truly start a family with the new person).


2 thoughts on “…A Continuation

  1. Well yes, actually! My straight-married union was undermined on Friday … but that’s not because of any impending law change, it’s called an acrimonious divorce! But I digress …. if someone is taken aback or shocked when their partner tells them they’re leaving the relationship for a person of the same gender (or transgender etc) then they really don’t deserve that partner anyway cos they obviously don’t know them that well. Sorry if that’s harsh – but pay attention people in coupledom!
    And the other stuff ….. hooray! Sensibleness prevails. No EBC (though we’ve yet to rid the system of the blight of Ebacc completely) and more ammunition with which to assault local high school in order to argue that “academic” son should be allowed to study art and tech in order to fulfil his career ambitions instead of studying a language of which he has no need, no interest and no aptitude.
    Now we must hope that M*c*a*l G*v* (can’t bear to write that foul name) and his cronies do a u-turn on A level plans too, or else get wiped out in a zombie apocalypse / run over by a bus / resign or be sacked / lose a hastily convened election.


    1. Haha!

      Actually, I wouldn’t mind giving the education system an overhaul – just not in the way That Man envisioned. I’m more into the idea of language teaching since reception, like everywhere else, and current affairs/social studies/health from the same time, and a different type of streaming of academic and not-quite-as-academic-but-just-as-intelligent pupils, also from a young age. Everyone can learn, but some people learn in different ways, and blanket reforms aren’t the answer. Everyone has the capacity to get A* grades, it’s just a matter of varied teaching and whatnot.

      Or that’s what I tell myself to avoid the idea that Britain is full of thick people…


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