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Let’s Get Political for a Moment

  Disclaimer: as a politics student, I am aware of the U-turning and/or evil nature of all politicians. I work on a ‘lesser of several evils’ principle. Or rather, the ‘lesser idiot of two people’ principle, in this case.

Roll up folks, because you can all vote in the US presidential election! Sort of. The BBC has just allowed for choice of two parties, for one thing (I only found out a few days ago that there are several candidates), and it’s not real, for another. Who would I be voting for if I were an eligible American citizen, I hear you all ask.


I’ll discount the non-Democrats and Republicans because I get the idea that they’re a bit like the Lib Dems, and voting completely uninformed is bad anyway. That notwithstanding: ObamaObamaObamaObamaObama. Because, well, the other choice is a guy who, as far as I can tell, mostly cares for white, straight men who are probably wealthy and monotheistic-god-fearing (I’ve not actually read any manifestos; this is the vibe I’ve gathered from every news report since the words ‘Mitt Romney’ entered my vocabulary last year). As somebody who is not a white, straight male with money-owning, monotheistic-god-fearing tendencies, I would be voting for the current president. If you give a toss about healthcare and equal rights for all (and can actually vote in this thing!) I urge you to do the same. Please. I mean come on. He likes marriage, which is good and he likes women and our rights, which is also good. He doesn’t come across as a complete twat in interviews either, which is always a plus. I realise that the economy isn’t in great shape – but did people seriously expect him to wave a magic wand and fix the recession within a day of entering office? It hit countries worldwide and was just getting started this time four years ago… We don’t know if anyone else would have done a better job were they President instead, and in four years time we won’t know if the loser would have done a better job than whoever wins tomorrow.

Judging by what has happened, though, I know who I’d prefer to see leading the world’s biggest superpower – and it’s somebody I think I could talk to over drinks without getting that itchy feeling that I’m being looked down upon for being myself.

I can’t even find a suitable funny cartoon to punctuate all the writing, I’m getting so wound up over this. Please vote for the decent guy. Please.


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