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I Couldn’t Fit a Heartfelt Thank-You into 140 Characters, So…

I’ve been waiting for a Morocco Diary installment to post, but what I wanted to say on Twitter wouldn’t fit…

A year ago today I wrote this post on the MCRmy. It exploded, and so did Indifferent Ign0rance along with it. I just read it back and, although I was incredibly preachy, I still agree with 99% of what I wrote at least. I do have something to add in retrospect, however:

You guys are the best. By “you guys” I mean “the MCRmy” and by “the best” I mean “friendly, funny, kind, borderline insane people, both in real life and on the Interwebz, whom I am incredibly proud to be associated with. I’ve come to genuinely like and care for some of you as people, and I often feel warm and fuzzy when I think of those four little syllables and the best damn logo in the history of marketing. Thank you for your support of this site, the Census and The Webways, and thank you for being my first audience other than my close friends and family. Lets rock out as long as our band does.”

And by “our band”… you know what I mean.

Cool image time:



3 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Fit a Heartfelt Thank-You into 140 Characters, So…

  1. I remember that post very well. It was it, and then some posts from your daily MCR blogging project, that made me happy to find someone whom, I feel, MCR themselves would be proud to call a fan. You rock, and may you continue to do so! xoxo


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