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Picture Appreciation Post #1 (I think)

I’ve seen quite a few great pictures around lately, and I miss writing stupid posts, so here we go:

I found this when I was stalking glancing through Cassie’s Tumblr. It’s excellent.

  Oh look, Mindless in a magazine.

Oh look, Mindless show tickets.

From my area’s monthly magazine:

The article exists. I haven’t read it.

I had another My Chem one, but Frank’s Lockerz photo isn’t showing up to add, so the counterpart I saw on Twitter is pointless. If anyone has a copy of Boozy Ridez, let me know.

Finally, I got this at IKEA this week. Considered naming him/her/it Raymond, after Toro, but my nan suggested Barbra, which also works.

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “Picture Appreciation Post #1 (I think)

  1. Mine would have to be a broccoli called Teresa. Or maybe Janice. Because then i would laugh when i saw it. Like Janice. From friends.



    p.s. this page turned purple on Jem's puter. weird.


    1. Ellen: Martin or Simon after whom?

      Bel: why do you need to know Mindless’ support? I don’t know if they even know! The purple must have been a spontaneous display of gay pride.


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