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Customary ‘Happy Birfday Geezy’ Post, With Bells and Whistles

So much My Chem stuff to talk about! Do I start chronologically or alphabetically or…

Let’s start by saying happy birthday Gerard. May you have beautiful hair, age backwards and make art and/or noise for at least thirty-five more years.

Also, also, congratulations Frank and Jamia! I got so nervous with that countdown he had going, even though most people thought it was until he Tweeted ‘HIATUS’ and deleted his account, or bathed his dogs. This is infinitely better, I spent most of Saturday grinning like an idiot. I feel a meme coming on: “How the universe perceives the MCRmy: ‘Emo wrist-slitters’. The actual MCRmy: ‘What is this Interwebz mindfuck… BABIES FTW!'”

Life is great in the world of MCR now, seriously… They even have labelled scissors and old-lady rugs. Now to translate the happy energy into my own life, get off the sofa, do some work and wash my hair.

Oh, and Frank interviewed a few bands on Mark Hoppus’ show last week. I don’t know if the whole show’s up on YouTube yet, but that can wait until I have another evening to waste. Let’s rewatch inspiring videos instead.



While I’m thinking about it, the MCRmy Census ends in three weeks. If you haven’t already filled it out and told your friends, get right on it.


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