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Indifferent Ignorance Awards 2011

In a bid to establish Indifferent Ignorance as a Serious Website, I have decided to host an annual award ceremony every December, giving random awards to whatever and whoever I fancy at time of writing (so maybe the whole thing’s not too serious after all).

Best Advert Placement in a Magazine


 I keep a couple of scrapbooks full of newspaper articles and band interviews I’ve enjoyed… this one might have to go into the MCR section when I get around to sorting my magazines out. Read the actual article here.

Best MCR-Centric Website (that isn’t If she isn’t Tweeting news, she’s writing about it on her blog. In amongst the usual news – and other band stuff, MCR isn’t the only topic she discusses, like some of us – there are tips on how to dye your hair properly, what not to bring to live shows and Danger Days explained. She also owns a bird named Doctor Zeropercent.

Best Hairstyle(s)

Who doesn’t want right-angles bunches or stripy curls or a hair colour that matches their luminous Killjoy mask? All three of us win.

New Favourite Website of the Year

AskPoison. I really, really love this website. More than I love Heroes. I’ve considered getting a Tumblr just to spam the artist with questions… Her Party Poison is someone I actually want to exist in real life. Look at his wise words:

Also, that is my answer to that question, should it ever arise.

New Favourite Musician of the Year

Caro Emerald. I’d like her voice, please.

Biggest Conundrum/Moral Dilemma of the Year

This. And then this and this. I hate MCR fan fiction; the only time I ever read it was either when doing research for friends’ oneshot gifts (the shit I put myself through for them…) or when I first had a DeviantART account and needed my writer’s ego boosting. Because that shit is bad in every. Conceivable. Way. So when someone on my Twitter timeline posted a link to Unholy and I was looking to waste ten minutes, I thought “Why not? I’ll feel so smart after scanning half a page.” So I clicked, I scrolled, ignoring the blurb completely, and read the first few lines. By the end of the first full paragraph, I was hooked. Because – and I’m not saying this in my defence, I know I’m a hypocrite – this series is one of the best I’ve ever read. The author can write. Properly. Less than half way through, I was forgetting it was a fan fiction because it was literally just a story. A story with some of my favourite things to boot: tattoos and piercings, religious debates, near-death experiences and an overall understanding of humanity. If I ever learn to write fiction half as well as Bexless, I’ll be happy.


Nicest Message Left By a Loved One

Thanks, Isobel. I’ll get that tattooed someday.

And, finally:

The Indifferent Ignorance ‘Ignorant Fuck’ Award

This year it goes to Glenn Beck, for deciding MCR is spreading propaganda (for what, I don’t think even he knows). Living on the railways indeed…

So, that’s it for this year, snowflakes. Be nice and you might get a feature in the next award ceremony. Coming soon(ish): Shit I Did in 2011. Or words to that effect.


5 thoughts on “Indifferent Ignorance Awards 2011

  1. merci beaucoup my little bergshrund. Now go look that up.
    It’s admittedly not that interesting. Forget that, it’s not interesting at all. But it IS an impressive word. Oui?

    I would like to take this moment to:

    1. Wish a very Merry Christ,mas to everyone. Tough cookies if you don’t celebrate it, but i am british, and i have the right to wish people a merry xmas if i want. No offense or anything.
    2. To thank Frank for mentioning not once, but TWICE on this blog. That as me who wrote the poof message, and i am going to hold you frank, to getting that tattooed. Can you get it done on your back, in colour please? I think your back makes a good canvas for my artwork. And you have to get it enlarged. And obviously, my bunches starred in that wonderful picture in london.
    I now have that eye make-up mask, in an ACTUAL 3D mask. Thank you again, dear frank.

    I would also like to say on the internet how, frank, yes the frank who shows absolutely no interest in the opposite sex (oo-er), actually agreed to me saying that Jude Law was quite good-looking. She agreed!!! So i am going to give her a huge. life-size poster of him for her next birthday.
    Did i mention i was around her house now, typing this on her laptop? I have already marked out a space on her wall for that poster. Also, i must say that the guy who plays arthur in merlin is VERY VERY nice. As in really nice. Ellen agrees with me.
    We hid from frank under the blow up bed earlier -Frank walked in, at first glance and didn’t notice, but then realised our stiffling, and stamped down hard on it, breaking our noses as she did. She ain’t all nice y’know.

    Righty ho, watching Miranda now. God knows how many of you actually read this. I only wrote this on Franks orders. She demanded i write one, and shoved her laptop on to me.

    So, happy holidays (Multicultural, huh?) everyone, and leet me watch TV.

    Love and all that,

    Your sub-blogging mouse, Bel xxx 😀


    1. In that comment you painted me to be an artistic, gay-or-bisexual, violent-with-a-heart-of-gold type person.

      I have no reply to make. Just imagine my eyebrows as I read.

      By the way, ‘bergshrund’ is not in the German dictionary that uses, or Google Translate, and ARTHUR’S FACE IS SQUARE.


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