October 2011

First Ever Badly Edited Video Blog (turn the volume up)


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7 thoughts on “First Ever Badly Edited Video Blog (turn the volume up)

  1. Agnes, you counted the words????? I dont care if you used word, you still counted the words.

    Miss Thomas always has dither attacks when im around. She picks on me to read out too much too.

    Frank, WHERE IS IT FILMED???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im driving myself mad trying to thik where.

    xxx 🙂


  2. I also apologise for the above comment. It could seem very racist towards the Indian Accent, fastly becoming the English one, may i just add, and also to the Jehovahs Witnesses you come and bug me when i’m watching friends in my half term.

    Clearly, i am not a racist, and don’t have anything against these people. Except the above, and the above before that.

    I dearly hope that anyone reading this is NOT a jehovahs witness or indian……


    1. Flippin heck you just wrote 460 words you loon.
      if only that was in Spanish, Miss Thomas would have a dither-attack.
      Lovley video blog Frank, I think you’re jumpy-aroundness looks a bit like dancing very very quickly to (judging by the rhythm) a bagpipe solo.
      A bit.


      1. Isobel, you’re going to get into trouble one day. I hear you about the teacher thing though, supplies are always amusing. We’re on good terms with most ours though.

        I wasn’t dancing to a bagpipe solo, I never have. It’s something to think about next Burns’ Night…

        Video blogging shall continue, I think. But don’t hold your breath until the next one is.


  3. 1. I never get a choice in whether i want to see your face or not.
    2. Think of vlogging on the 2 year old blog as a technology uprgrade or something.
    3. Where the hell are you filming this? Or is it in your parents new room?
    5. DO THE PHYSICS!!!!! I had a indian teacher for physics the other day, covering Mr Taylor, who has wondered of the school scene, i think something to do with his hips? And she asked connie if she was Chinese Or Japanese. She’s chinese. But this woman (NOONE knows her name. She wrote it on the board in Jemma and Lauras class, but it took up most of the board apparently, and didnt give them time to read it all before wiping it off. She called Etalie, I-T-AR-LIE, and maja (said Mi-ya) Mar-jar. Then when we corrected her, “dats what i said.” And shes says wok instead of Work. Anything else she said, we didnt understand. Oh, except that potential energy is stored energy. she said that way over 20 times. i countd for a while before drifting off.

    5. Lovely vlogging. Keep doing it. It means i can listen and type at the same time. Therefore, i can go do the non-existent physics homework. (the indian woman may have set some, im not sure. Nobody is. ) But i do have maths.

    6. Isnt hallowe’en a bit trampy? Going round like the jehovahs witnesses, demanding and begging for food? I’ve never done it, so i imagine thats what people do.

    7. My school have predicted me all A*’s and A’s for my final GCSE grades. They are way too hopeful. WAY too hopeful

    8. Off to do maths. Sorry for boring you. However, if you did read down to to here, did you realise i repeated the number 5? 80% of you just looked abck up to see. And did you realise that when i said about that, i repeated the word “to”?
    75% of you went back to read. 5% couldnt be bothered to, and the rest of you clever bunch might’ve actually noticed. Or not.


    I know you all love me, even if i annoy you alllllllll!!!!!!

    x 🙂


  4. First off, I’d like to point out that when I clicked play, I was greeted by a slightly grainy video of you jigging up and down on my computer screen, and this shocked me slightly, but with upmost sincerity, I shall proceed.

    This is really good! You sound better on video than I think the majority of English people do, and you aren’t pulling really unattractive facial expressions, which probably helps. If anything, I’d suggest sitting a little stiller so that when you do edit it, it doesn’t look like you’re having an epilectic fit, but that might be boring and half the charm is watching your eyebrows. You are, actually, surprisingly coherent and logical and aren’t doing the dreadful ‘phone voice’ that I was expecting, so all round I’d pretty much say it was a success and that you should carry on doing it!

    Okay, I’ll drop this now and reboot my computer so I can carry on laughing at your eyebrows. Heh heh heh.


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