October 2011

This Time I Don’t Even Have a Lame Excuse.

I just sat and looked at Indifferent Ignorance’s site stats for today, and realised I haven’t posted in over a week. Oops.

I think I’ve forgotten to sit and write because interesting things in my life are currently at an all-time low. Twitter won’t work on my laptop or phone, I can’t join National Novel Writing Month this year because the only story that’s in my head got started in September, and I’ve spent my half term getting wet and ignoring eight pieces of homework.

Hardcore, I hear you say.

It is. It is indeed.

So’s this:

I love this dude. Character. I love the dude drawing the answers. This is my favourite so far, because it embodies friendship as I belive should exist everywhere:

AskPoison.tumblr.com. You’re welcome. I’m off to wash my hair.


Update: I didn’t actually abandon the blog for a week. When I posted the blog about Kerrang! and The Left Rights, I forgot to change the original timestamp of 11th August, which was when it was originally set to be posted, but didn’t because I’m an idiot. So it didn’t show up in my stats for the week. Everything else I wrote still stands, however.


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