October 2011 · Scriptures


Some of you might have noticed that your inbox/Twitter timelines have been conspicuously empty of my ranting recently, so I thought I’d better explain before you all assume I’ve been eaten by the Content Monster or something.

Firstly, I’ve been really really busy. Partly with school and partly with a massively crap cold that’s made me into a snuffly, sneezing wimp. Hopefully in the next few days and weeks I’ll get better and/or get caught up with everything, so that’s a temporary issue.

A not-so-temporary issue is that I’ve been struggling with repetitive strain injury in my right wrist and arm for a while, and it flared up again this week. It’s usually an ache I can ignore when I’ve been blogging or writing a lot at one time, like I was with 10 Days. However, sometimes I get it so bad I can’t lift relatively small objects or write a couple of sentences without my entire arm and shoulder throwing a serious bitchfit. Generally, after a couple of days of writing left-handed, making sparse notes in class and bandaging my wrist at night, I’m good to go again.

Thing is, over the next eight months, I’m going to be writing more than ever, because of coursework and exams (I took three humanities. Writing is important to all of them. Learn from this, children). So I can’t just stop and start using one wrist and then the other once every few months, as interesting as that would be. Which means, until I work out some sort of wrist-saving system, updates could be a bit patchy.

Don’t fret, though, because I can still browse YouTube with one hand. In fact, I have been:

That never fails to crack me up.

I’ve also been writing haikus again. Read part one of The Emoshitter’s Guide to the Galaxy here, and don’t forget to review!


9 thoughts on “I’M NOT DEAD!

  1. Dear lord, i thought you did history???? And you do german. i ashamed.

    Schutzstaffel means Protection squad. Or, you may know them as the SS. I hope you’ve heard of hitler before too.

    New fave word: numquam.

    Try and work THAT one out. x 🙂


  2. Yay!!!! I love how im doing the asme thing as you guys. I can read ellens french book too. At least i can steal your work (It iis plagurism if you know the person you’re stealing from!) and then use it!!!

    nah, i’d only get inspiration from it really. Are you doing the whole retribution/deterrence/reform/ican’tremebertheotherone, and prison and capital punishment too?

    I couldn’t join in our debate about prisons the other day and how prisoners are treated. I thought it best that i keep my mouth firmly closed. I feel too strongly on that topic…..

    i hate school. Off to do work on the murder glass now. (Mer de glace) its not very exciting. But i didn’t do it in the cover lesson, so i’m doing it now.

    Not that you needed to know ANY of that waffle above.
    Oh, and i found out Brendon Urie has malaria. Poor guy. HE CAN’T TURN YELLOW! GOOD LOOKING PEOPLE (singers especially) ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE MALARIA. (with the exception of Cheryl Cole. But she “had” anorexia, so it doesn’t really count.)

    Hmmm. my new fave word has to be SCHUTZSTAFFEL. i love it. it has a real ring to it. I love germans. They have a great lingo. Lebensraum is another good one. OOh, and the word for social – Sozialdemokraten. I have a feeling its actaully social democrat, but google translate came up with social.

    Wish i was doing German. Instead, i get spanish. Not fun.

    x 🙂


    1. You wouldn’t wish you do German if you’d been in the state I was over my speaking assessment this morning. What the hell does Schutzstaffel mean?!

      Biggest ever prison deterrence (or maybe not, for some): ‘You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison’. In answer to your question, yes we did all that.


      1. Bel:

        In response to your blog comment, I’m doing punishment in RS at the moment! Well, we’ve moved on to the Just War Theory, but whatever. Happy money wasting!

        In response to your ‘Emoshitter’s Guide’ review: NO ONE BEATS THE WAY BROS. AT ANYTHING. EXCEPT POSSIBLY FOOTBALL. ‘Sorry G’ isn’t supposed to fit. I’m apologising to Gerard for the use of his name in such a context. And covering my arse in case he wants to sue me over it.


  3. First off, I’m viewing the blog on Android WordPress, specially installed for you, and you have funny little numbers coming up next to each blog date. I’ll show you some time, we must investigate.

    Secondly, you made a typo, in ‘band’ instead of ‘bad’.

    Thirdly, I think that video blogging is a marvellous idea and it means you get to plaster your beautiful face and voice all over the internet. I think its nice to be able to view the person who’s blog you use as life guidelines.

    No, seriously.

    But, beautifully written, as ever, Francesca, and nice use of the word ‘conspicuously’.


    1. I’m flattered, I don’t even understand how my phone Internet works. Show me… sometime (although if it’s a techie thing I can probably do nothing).

      Typo fixed.

      Life guidelines?! Bloody hell, no wonder the country’s going to shit 🙂 Thank you, though. When I get my voice back I’ll experiment with the old webcam (NOT LIKE THAT, CHILDREN).

      Ah, ‘conspicuously’. A word created by the gods…


      1. How did you know what i was thinking? Wow, we really are telepathic. but dont call me a child, shortie.
        This feel good, to be commenting.

        School have been giving us shitloads of work (which reminds me, jem, you haven’t handed your R.s. book in, and our homework is to answer this : “Explain why some non-religious people agree with capital punishment ans why some disagree with it.” Its one of those ones where you have to make loads of developed points and you’re not allowed to evaluate.) sorry guys. I figured she might read this more, and her email address isnt working, so this is the best way.

        but yeah, too much work from school, too much tiredness from everything else i do.
        which isn’t much, but y’know what i mean.

        its charity week at our school this week. disney themed.

        an excuse to buy lots of food, be late to lessons (Ms porter had another mood-swing in r.s. abut that actually.) sorry, ill shut up about r.s. in a sec. and waste money. The year 7’s were holding a flip-flop-flinging event on the netball courts. bless ’em.

        right. i’ll comment something that makes sense and isnt about r.s. later.

        x 🙂


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