'10 Years 10 Days' · Music · My Chemical Romance (get a category) · September 2011

10 Years, 10 Days: Killjoys Are Creative (and sometimes slightly insane)

I mentioned the Killjoys’ creative talent the other day, but it’s time to devote an entire post to it. Sadly, as with band interviews, there are far too many pieces of work on the Interwebz to name. So browse the band or SINGIfForJapan on DeviantART to your heart’s content for artwork. For fanfictions, I recommend hitting up Twitter’s @MCRmyUK, who does ‘Fanfic Friday’. Alternatively, go back to searching DeviantART or LiveJournal – but don’t say I didn’t warn you that you might need eye bleach afterwards (incidentally, Indifferent Ignorance takes no responsibility for any trauma resulting from clicking links I post. You chose to click and read, my friends).

Some crazy fan stuff:




My Chem gear on Etsy.com

The entire MCRmy discussion page on MCRmy.com The kids on there are totally insane and absolute geniuses. Videos, discussions, scenarios.

AskPoison.tumblr.com What it says on the tin; someone draws Party Poison’s replies to fan questions on Tumblr. Mental and hilarious… Links are on there to the rest of the Killjoys’, including Show Pony’s.

InappropriateThingsToSayToMCR.tumblr.com Probably should go on the MCRmy post…

FrankIeroRidingOnThings.tumblr.com … So should this. You guys decide!

Some of Frank’s (slightly) altered Wikipedia page – click to enlarge:


  If there are any other projects or videos that I’ve forgotten about/didn’t know about, tell me and stick the link in the comments section!


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