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In Which I Link You to and My Formspring, and Tell You All to Get a Move On.

Hello everyone. I’m mostly here to remind you to contribute to the ’10 Years, 10 Days’ project, the deadline for which is Monday – I need time to edit. If you haven’t been particularly inspired, read this and this. If they won’t get you going, I don’t know what will. Okay, maybe this will:


I watched the whole show on iPlayer with a massive smile on my face. The moment Na Na started, I thought “They aren’t going to get bottled.” And they didn’t. Then my continual thought was “I knew there was a reason I like them better than everyone else!”

If you hadn’t already noticed, the next fortnight or so is pretty much going to be drenched in MCR. So if you don’t like, I suggest you take a little break from Indifferent Ignorance. Go on holiday to or something. Spam me on Formspring. In fact, do that anyway.


16 thoughts on “In Which I Link You to and My Formspring, and Tell You All to Get a Move On.

  1. Also, I’m downloading the video for Famous Last Words off Itunes to use up my last itunes voucher, and there’s 2 options, one of which is 1.89, which suggests its the full version but the date is 22 feb 2010, and the other is 0.89 but is from 23 Dec 2006.
    Which ones the real video????



      1. Um, I would go with the more expensive, longer one – the other could just be a trailer.

        I have no idea of Bob’s status in the My Chem camp… I’m afraid I also have no control over it.


  2. Very. So he could, possibly come back? He’s in a fit state and everything? coz if he is, and he doesn’t come back…. someones pets wil DIE.


  3. Erm, didn’t he like injure himself too much to play so he left? or thats what I heard anyway…
    so, how are you gonna get him back? Is he miraculously cured?


    1. He had wrist problems during and after ‘Black Parade’, he had therapy for quite a bit afterwards. I saw an interview a short while before he left and he had some impressive scars… No idea if he still plays, last I heard he’s a drum tech for LMFAO.

      Which is pretty cool.


  4. prior to the ball sucking news about mike, let me introduce you to my plan-
    its called operation triple B:



    1. I think most of Twitter agrees with you. I like your name though, most of them just sent Pedicone death threats and did the whole ‘#BringBackBob’ deal.

      Operation Triple B is much more dramatic.


      1. mucho trueo.
        How was Greece, the land of “goat testicles”?
        The one Isobel gave me is still in my car… I should probably get it out before it scares someone….


      2. It was very excellant, thank you!

        Congrats, by the way, that was Indifferent Ignorance’s 700th comment. I love that it was about goat testicles in your car 😀


  5. If you pause that video at 1:06. Gee kinda looks like a Hitler look-alike, on the mustachio front….
    Ah Rays face. His dreams have come true:)


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