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Want to Be a Rockstar? Wear Your Sunglasses In the Toilet Cubicle.

I’m currently on MSN with Isobel, and she told me I have no email because I’m simply not cool, because I don’t wear Primark Ray Bans into toilets, like she does (this makes her a rockstar).

I was going to reply, “I am a rockstar, I’m watching the TV with the sound turned down!” But then I looked at the screen, realised Planetary was playing and turned it up. Then, as I was telling Isobel this, it ended. So I rewound.

Here are Indifferent Ignorance’s resident rockstars, Bel and Frank:

  As the photo uploaded I rewound Planetary. This is fun.

  That’s the third time… Or fourth.

  I feel slightly weird about the whole thing when I was up until half one last night reading the sequels to Unholy.


5 thoughts on “Want to Be a Rockstar? Wear Your Sunglasses In the Toilet Cubicle.

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  2. OIT!!!! It was you, i believe, that suggested i was a rockstar in the first place. And all rockstars wear raybans in toilet cubicles, therefore, because i did, i am a rockstar. And obviously, i have the ALL of the qualities a rockstar needs (singing, dancing, madness etc.)And i’m the right height, so people can see me when i’m on stage.
    May i point out as well that the wheel is taller than frank, but smaller than me. And there is a scarecrow in the background. those scarecrows have great names.

    I like being a rockstar.
    🙂 X


    1. It’s true, the wheel was about 5’2″.

      Hang on, Frank Iero’s shorter than you – are you saying HE’S not a rockstar?!

      By the way, Maxim saw #SINGItForJapan in on a music channel in Zante.


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