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I Can’t Actually Remember What I Look Like Without Hair Product.

Some of you wanted to know what my straight hair looks like:

Today, however, it’s all about the curly hair. For example:

Hahaha, begone, faded blonde-grey hairs! You shall haunt me no more, my hair is blue again! It was done up all fancy because the junior in the shop, Lisa, had her assessor from college come in, and if she set my hair as well as dyed it she could tick another thing off her sheet.

I look like my aunt in the eighties.

I did have a load of stuff to say but I’m too busy rereading this. I’m not usually into My Chem fan fictions – a few of you will remember that a while ago I tried my hand at the heavy stuff and my hand did not like it. I’ll still write parodies, however. I Have Been All Things Unholy isn’t a parody, in fact it’s not even really about My Chem, it’s about Jesus. What makes it so funny is that the characters look and sometimes act like the band…

It’s also the most well-written piece of writing I’ve seen in months.

Update: I would like to say that I am in no way responsible for any nightmares you may now have about any members of My Chem, their tattoos, sex lives, pierced body parts or the Catholic Church.


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Actually Remember What I Look Like Without Hair Product.

  1. I can’t wait to straighten your hair again!!!! (November isn’t it?) and there goes my plan of curling your hair for what could’ve been the first time. Damn it!
    That fanfiction is very good, a lot better than i expected! especially loving the court case, although it is a bit gross. What guy would want that pierced in the first place? eurgh.
    Having fun at liberty?
    Off to see We Will Rock You on thursday with lauren and will. Joy. Its our schools show. And di it tell you, we are now officially WHSGA and WHSBA. Shame its not WHAG. To go with the names, our schools sent 10 grand on this production thing. stupid waste of money really. im only going because i like queen, west end lighting and a good sound system. and a guy with a cool shiny bass…

    sorry to ramble on about my life story again.
    i get carried away. so im gonna go now.

    bel x 🙂


    1. It’s May, I believe.

      I haven’t been to see a show that wasn’t a rock show in ages. Do a review for me?!

      Come and get you hair done and see for yourself. I finish Friday.

      It gets more gross.


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