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Well, This Ain’t Gerard Singing.

   Anyway, I don’t want to start talking about middle-aged men and their band’s replacement drummer. Or their children. Congratulations, by the way, Frank and Jamia. One question: you mentioned daughters. Does this mean that instead of naming one of them Frank, you’ve named one Francesca?

  Just a thought.

  Right, go-karting photos:







  But that’s old news.

  Today we went paintballing.

  All I can say is, ow. Seriously. I got shot in the neck/ear area, and I think it’s bruising. Plus I got orange paint in my hair, all over the mud-stained overalls, trainers, helmet, gloves, trainers. Between my toes.

  I don’t know how many of you have been paintballing, but you basically get an air-filled canister, lots of orange marble paintballs (originally contained in rigid condoms) and an army jumpsuit with crap pockets. Then, in your teams, you have to attack a castle and capture a flag, or get to a bridge or trench without getting shot by the enemy – marked by a different coloured armband – then do the same from the opposite end of the field, or defend the castle. It’s pretty fun when you get into it, but the paint hurts when it hits. The dud ones bounce off, causing little round circular lumps wherever they hit you. My dad has a large one on his forehead, a guy took his shirt off and looked like someone had attacked him with a plunger. Through the protective vest.

  Thanks for the belated birthday treat, Michelle and Ross!

 Pictures, and the first installment of The Zante Diaries 2010, to come.


6 thoughts on “Well, This Ain’t Gerard Singing.

  1. thank you for more go-karting pictures, i will have to save them onto my laptop 🙂

    paintballing was so much fun but extremely painful, i now have those horribly painful bruises all over my body :S but i still enjoyed myself 😀 infact im suprised but i still had loads of fun even when i had run out of paintballs and was just shooting air lol 😀


  2. Yeah, took me a while to realise the whole point might be to annoy us with clips of songs… Or static.

    It’s just the way I roll, man. I have chocolate biscuits in the oven RIGHT NOW.


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