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Skinny Jeans and a Hoodie. The Tan Fades Rapidly.

  I guess no one liked the Greek title of my last blog. It meant ‘good afternoon’, though I can’t remember how to pronounce it, I lost my phrasebook. The hits counter has gone way down since I started exploring foreign languages.

  Having returned home yesterday evening after eternity on the M25 thanks to a lorry fire and oil spillage on the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge that no one bothered to clear up, I am home. Sitting amongst junk, considering going next door to see Maxim and Isobel, and ask Maxim why he sent me an email with a picture of spam and  the repeated words ‘i like carrots!!’ Then again, he was jabbering in an Irish accent earlier…

  I will get to typing up The Zante Diaries 2010 and sorting out numerous videos and pictures, and should have the soap opera up vaguely soon. Vaguely.

  Until then,

  Home (away from) sweet home.

  I have just noticed the sign is missing. Both of them are. Clearly taken before my time…


13 thoughts on “Skinny Jeans and a Hoodie. The Tan Fades Rapidly.

    1. I don’t know. I’ve forgotten what we’re on about…

      I think you freaked out about Gerard’s hair, then pretended that you were thankful for my postcard from Zante. I laughed at your first comment, and said you’re welcome for the postcard.

      SO THERE.



    Also an apostraphe plushie. And a Genderless painting. I have a Salvador Dali set you can have with an canvas you can do it on if you want.

    Or you can just have the set, and make me a megacool MSI-Genderless-grammar Nazi plushie/painting depicting the band bashing a gramatically incorrect sentence, with Genderless cheering them on.



      Apostrophe plushie is easy.
      MSI is not.
      Right now being sent into spasms of agony by pointy-haired guy’s hair.
      Also, feeling v. lazy.
      Doesn’t help.

      But let it be known that come September a genderless painting will (=should) be wending its way to you.


  2. Actually, I read it too but I was on holiday as well and I was loving the greek title, it reminded me of good times 🙂


  3. Because I was on holiday.

    Face it Frank, I’m the only one who visits your blog.


    ALSO, when the hell is Lizzi’s birthday, because I’ve forgotten what she wanted me to make her D:


      1. Ah well. Close enough.

        And once again, close enough. Doing something or other to do with MSI. Haven’t quite decided what yet.

        I hit refresh a couple of times. That’ll be it.


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