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Friday evening soup thoughts

Hello lovely humans,

It has been so long since I’ve written here that WordPress just tried to give me a tour of the post-builder. Bit personal, that. Anyway I find myself with zero desire to think about anything academic or worsky, but very little desire to just scroll Am I The Asshole, so I thought popping in here is a good compromise because you all, unlike the folks of AITA, are top notch.

It’s a bit awkward that I didn’t prepare anything to actually write, though. I’m mulling over a longish post about Work Life Balance and/or Society’s Expectations of Young People Today but it can wait. All I can really tell you with enthusiasm is that if you’re into my fiction work, you’re going to see new material in July! Probably the end of July, but that is soon. Soonish. Before Christmas. I can also tell you that if you like online community and/or internet activism, you might like this new article on the Do Something Directory. I didn’t write it, which is why I can tell you with no pretension whatsoever that it is GREAT. You should definitely check out Clare Seal’s work (I did talk about her book Real Life Money on here a while ago).

Otherwise, I want to hear from you. How is hayfever season treating you? Mine has been so much better than last year but I have been taking antihistamines like sweets. I also think I might be more allergic to flower pollen than tree or grass pollen, because I recently won a couple of uni-related awards and was gifted flowers – so fancy! – and I have been sneezing violently. Worth it though.

I am off to think about soup (instant soup, sadly, not stand-a-spoon-in-it fresh soup). If you are having soup this weekend, I wish you the spoon kind, not the instant kind.

Metaphor? Maybe.

Look after yourselves,

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