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Hello from almost-springtime


I realised that after moaning that January lasted approximately eighteen thousand years, I blinked and it’s nearly March. Which also lasts eighteen thousand years. I blame the 2020 Covid madness which descended that March. I’ve got a March hatred hangover.

How are we all? Is anyone doing Lent? I’m not – last year I tried giving up chocolate and in retrospect I reckon I should give up things I already don’t like doing instead of depriving myself of one of the few foodstuffs I can still digest properly. So this year I’ve given up bothering with people I don’t like.

It’s going extremely well.

I wish I had cool things to share with you when I come here – but alas cursenovel is still in Word doc stages. It’s going to be a fun one though. Well, presumably it will be fun for you guys. It’s been fun to write and I think that always shows through. You can sometimes tell when an author’s tortured themselves over a book because the pages basically weep blood and resentment…

You won’t get that, I promise. Anyway. What else has been occurring? Not a lot unless you count that I hurt my back which adds an interesting element of risk to every upper body movement. Maybe the universe decided it’s been too long since I’ve seen the inside of a physiotherapist’s office, I dunno. I’ve been in a lot of meetings lately, but they are either uni-related and therefore I won’t tell the internet because a) the minutiae of my course are not interesting unless you’re on my course and b) I don’t fancy broadcasting where I study or with whom… or they’ve been for things I just can’t talk about yet.

It’s all funsies, though. Ish. Mostly. It’s nice to be busy I reckon.

Speaking of, I do have shit to be getting on with.

Look after yourselves,


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