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I Have a Piece of Work Published! On An Site That I Don’t Run!

The overly obnoxious title wasn’t kidding (although I did want to attract as many of you social media fairies as possible).


Nail Varnish, written by me, illustrated by Sherri Oliver, published on The Story Shack.

You’ll never make it, they said. Writing is a difficult career to catch a break in, they said.

Lots of thank-yous to the excellent Sherri for the artwork, and for putting a Starbucks in the piece (this is relevant to nobody except me, as I had been to Starbucks the day I received the art and was feeling pleasantly pro-tax avoiding corporations after their nice service), and to The Story Shack itself, for not telling me my work is crap or ignoring me completely. Please let us know what you think of the collaboration, and give it lots of nice +1s and Twitter/Facey shares. Check out the other work on the site too while you’re there – Nail Varnish sits next to a piece about a gay goat herder in Jerusalem, which can only be a good omen.

It’s time to update my CV, methinks… How many UCAS points will I get for this?!


5 thoughts on “I Have a Piece of Work Published! On An Site That I Don’t Run!

  1. mega humongous congrats. I doff my cap to thee.
    will be heading back to read the gay goat herder from Jerusalem just for comparison and to ensure the legitimacy of the site 🙂
    And damn – I forgot to get Starbucks today whilst out xmas shopping 😦 I know – how can someone ‘forget’ … was already 30 minutes late on parking (avoided clamping or ticket though)


    1. Thank you!

      I think the price of Starbucks is similar to the price of parking tickets and/or their fines, at least where I live. Next time, next time…


    2. Now I think about that, I’m not sure whether I was bitching about Starbucks’ astronomical prices or my local council’s astronomical wish for shoppers to be put off the high street via astronomical prices…


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