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Contaminated: London (for the second time)

There are some events which never get old, no matter how many times you experience them. For example, you’re sitting with your cousins in Wembley Arena, laughing at different outfits people have turned up in and doing a Mexican Wave with 10,000 other people.

The crowd starts to get restless after the fifth wave, and is only briefly distracted by the YMCA and Macerena, all of which were instigated by three very crazy but brave girls sitting at the back of the pit. Everyone has had enough of looking at Killjoys’ outfits and cheering every time a band member’s photo crops up on the PowerPoint screen… They want the band they paid to see.

The lights go out. For a split second, everything is silent. Then the screaming starts. Quietly at first – a gentle hum. As Look Alive, Sunshine fills the stadium, people get out of their seats and turn to face the stage.  As Na Na Na starts, the hum has turned into – oh, just watch:

That isn’t my recording, but we were on that side of the arena – just a bit further up and closer to the stage.

Last night was my second time seeing My Chemical Romance live (read about the first here) and the second the lights go out will always be my favourite part of the show. My favourite part of any show, in fact. That heart-stopping moment when you and thousands of other people can’t quite believe if This Is It.

I’m not going to talk about the actual performance… Too many other people will do it for me. Kerrang! will discuss Gerard’s messy haircut, Mikey’s brief bass change when he broke a string and his version of an ‘I ❤ UK’ t-shirt. Fans will go on forums and point out Mohawk Girl, who made a brief appearance at the Hammersmith Apollo show last year. People will ask, “What did Gerard put on before Teenagers?” and someone’ll reply, “This girl’s jacket which she had just bought.” “Did she get it back?”

Would you want a jacket Gerard Way had sweated all over?

There will be discussion over songs – personally I wanted to see Bulletproof Heart and another rendition of Prison – but there will be acclaim for the encore track, Vampires Will Never Hurt You… I’d place money on jokes about the whole of Wembley Arena simultaneously orgasming during DESTROYA.

For the benefit of my fellow Killjoys, Toxic Waste (Isobel) and Radioactive Raccoon (Ellen) – and my long-suffering dad, who filmed almost every song, here are the videos from my camera. The bad singing is almost entirely mine. Unless it was 9,999 other people or Gerard.

Check out pictures on my new shiny Photobucket page.


29 thoughts on “Contaminated: London (for the second time)

  1. Weirdly, I have just stumbled across this, and even weirder I am mentioned, but I don’t really understand it! My name is Mickie, and I am referenced as ‘Mohawk Girl’ in here haha, but I don’t understand by what you mean as ‘fans go on forums and point [me] out’ – do they? I never knew this! :/
    Also, with reference to the jacket, my twin sister threw that onstage for Gerard (she was the one who got me onstage at Hammersmith with her) and we tried to get the jacket back, but Gerard wanted to keep it, and he even wanted to meet us because she made the jacket specifically for him – another reason why Gerard is such an epic guy!
    Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight really, and wondered what forums people talk about me on – kind of freaked me out a little that I have a reputation based on my haircut really!
    Oh and just wanted to mention something even weirder – there’s a girl thats commented called Francesca, and she’s mentioned her school as ‘WHSG’ – that wouldn’t be Westcliff High School for Girls would it by any chance? Because that’s the worst secondary school this side of the planet Mars, and I should know because I spent 5 years in that miserable place! Just thought it was strange if that girl is going to WHSG! 🙂
    Nice to meet you fellow KJs,
    Mickie 🙂


    1. I don’t know exact forums, I think I was generalising when I wrote that. I just remembered you and your sister from Hammersmith, and I saw you in the pit at Wembley and went “Oh my God, I know her!” Quite a few people did, that’s all (it’s an awesome do by the way… How long did it take?!).

      Also, was your sister in the Planetary video? I thought I saw her – does she have a blonde crop? Please tell her the jacket is brilliant 🙂

      I’m Francesca, I write this blog, but my friends Isobel, Jemma and Agnes – who comment on here – do in fact go to Westcliff Girls. Are you from Essex then?! I go to the other worst secondary school – SHSG 😀


    1. As in me, Frank?

      I’m flattered. Really. But my heart belongs to another.

      I have yet to watch Father Ted, will do so in half term… Probably.

      WHSG noticed me! Hell yeah! Hi techie guys. Don’t forget to leave your name and number.

      Or IP address.


      1. oh so who is this person who has stollen your heart then frank!?? 🙂

        Gerard is mine im afraid ❤

        my school noticed you ages ago and blocked your whole blog :S but other than that my school is awesome haha


  2. p.s sorry for the essay. i must stop wriring so much.

    hope you don’t mind. sorry if i bore you with my rambling/waffling/gurgling

    bel x 🙂


  3. Hey jemma! Mikey’s MINE!!!!!!! You can have ray. Lauren has recently claimed frank. upon google imaging him, comparing him to not flea, but another guy from the chilli peppers, she said ” he’s quite cute really.”
    Mikey is mine. Frank and ellen are still fighting over gerard.
    and frank, good/bad news.
    Our school, have realised that commenting on your blog is apparently not suitable for ALL ages. so they blocked the commenting, but thankfully not the website yet.

    You have been noticed!!! Even if it was by a load of middle aged bald it techs.

    Tomorrow is my last day in england for a while. but its okay. im taking the father ted box set to italy. we have dvd players in the room.

    possibly buy you choc. depends on how cheap it is. sorry 🙂

    Bel x 🙂


  4. i was going to say “i hope you hada great time at my chem concert!”, but by the looks of it, you obviously didnt, because it looked unbearable.

    ah, i cant lie.
    you looked amazing, the concert looked amazing…. mikey looked amazing.

    enough said

    me xxx


      1. Ive clicked on the subscriby thingy:-)
        I still have know idea what that did but who cares….
        I can’t wait til the next concert!!!!!!! even tho its not going to be for yeeeeeeeaaaars… oh well, a girl can dream cant they???

        (will send you the photos of bellybel, mehehe):-)


  5. And, ag, remember, you can’t threaten me with anything. im bigger than you.

    and i have better music on my ipod. Ha!!

    bel x 🙂


    1. True. although I can’t remember the last time that i listened to something that wasn’t mcr 🙂
      They possess yooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Also, my parents use my ipod for parties, hence the ABBA :-@


      1. Okay: Agnes, Isobel,


        Agnes, there should be an email waiting for you in your inbox. Click the link for ‘confirm’ and you should get a message saying you’ve subscribed.

        At least, I think that’s what happens.

        Bel, you don’t want to eat Fred, he hasn’t had a bath since October and I, personally, would love to see any embarassing photos of you.


  6. Excuse moi, but i am here you know. Anyway, i have my ways of winning over you ag, AND you frank.
    remember that mikey doll you promised??? yeah.
    And ag, remember the picture of you being a goat at colchester zoo i yr 7?

    see. i am the mastermind of persuasion. And if that doesn’t work, ill eat fred and agnes, you will never get bullets.
    Yes, i like the party idea. And next time, i think we should try to get standing. i dont care about getting squashed. hmm. maybe i do.

    Good to see youve finally subscribed ag.

    Bel x 🙂


    1. And remember all those embarassing photos of you on the coach? yeah? and all of those embarassing hairstyle? yeah?

      see. you cant win

      mwahahahhahahahahaha ha he he *cough*


  7. Hiya, just subscibed or whatever (i don’t get all this computery language)
    The concert looked AMAZING!!!!
    Bel has said I can go with her next time (so long as you lot don’t mind or whatever, otherwise ill have to go with my mum…. Who thinks the Simpsons use bad language) and (shock, horror) my dear old mother has agreed! Shame I have no money…..
    Might get Bel to pay for me. I have my ways of persuasion…..


    1. It was 😀

      Sure, let’s make this thing a party (I know about 20 people who want to see them)… I reckon that’s what, a Killjoy appartment on a C2C train?! Five adults between the lot if us?!

      Just tell Bel you’ll eat Milo and she’ll do anything.

      PS You need to confirm your subscription for it to blogs to zap into your inbox thingy.


      1. Yeah, not wanting to appear as a thick prat or whatever (as i do, frequently) er… how do i do that????

        altho i do secretly have amazingly smart braincells and stuff…… i just think theyre sleeping….as they have been for the past 13 years….


  8. and er, slight problem with the sing video. there isn’t one because there are two links to sorrows instead. thought you should now.

    Bel xxx 🙂


  9. And YES!!!! i was RIGHT!!! its mike PEDICONE, not mike PENDICONE!!!!! (which is what you and ellen said. in the car.)

    i win, you two suck. 🙂

    (insert evil revenge laugh here)

    Bel X:)


  10. hmm, depends how sweaty it was, although i would keep it anyway coz i would have paid £40 for it. id rather have mikey wear it though. 🙂

    i have actually lost my voice. and i have stained eyebrows with neon eyeliner. this is not going down well at school.

    but hey, who cares, i loved it and would do it again and again and again. and again.

    Bel xxx 🙂

    p.s many thanks to your dad. terll him we love him.






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