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English Person: “Merry Christmas!” American: “Don’t you mean ‘happy holidays’?” English Person: “Er, no.”

  I’m pretty into Christmas. I’m not a Christian the other 364 days a year, so I’m not going to pretend it’s all about Baby Jesus – my favourite part is the lights.

  You know, it’s dark by four o’clock and the ten minutes of sun we do get are when we’re in class (or it’s cloudy). But, instead of fumbling my way home with only the faint glow of street lamps to guide me, there’s lots of flashing Father Christmases and nodding raindeer to illuminate paths. Plus everyone is in a better mood and there are lots of specials on TV, like Top Gear and Doctor Who.

My favourite ever Christmas song, which I first heard in June but got me festive anyway:

My second favourite song, which I heard in Maths on Friday:

  A drawing that gets us all into the spirit of things:

  Last, but not least, SHSG’s resident Santa, Tobi!

  Oh, and before I go: if Gerard DID buy that hamster, drop me a line. I wonder every time I watch Life on the Murder Scene. Who keeps a pet on a bus, did Frank sit on it, was it called Bert…?


11 thoughts on “English Person: “Merry Christmas!” American: “Don’t you mean ‘happy holidays’?” English Person: “Er, no.”

  1. ellen, ask my mum that.
    i find it appalling, to be honest.

    And i quote directly from my nan “my favourite from mike and the romans is that greg guy. And his brother. Theyre nice”
    tanslations are optional.

    Maybe a duet with miriah and mcr would be good. Especially, if frank “accidently” hit her over the head with his guitar. That would be nice.

    jem x

    p.s. whats the new(ish) drummer in my chem like??? 🙂


    1. His name is Mike Pendicone, he used to be in The Bled (whoever they are). He has tattoos and is bald, like many other drummers.

      He was pretty good live 🙂


  2. Hello all
    yes, its jemma on her first ever comment- get out your flags or whatever.
    is it just me, or does the thought of killing mariah carey and replacing her with my chem sound very appealing?
    Also, im sure you’ll be pleased to know that i practically attacked my dear mother, when upon hearing mcrs song, she stated “ooh! i like this song! its by the ting tings, isnt it?”


    from jem xx 🙂

    p.s ive tought my nan everybodies names from my chem. im so cool


      1. Me and isobel were appalled by that interview in sugar, they couldn’t ask some better questions to such amazing people than ‘what makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?’ it was quite annoying to read…

        I have to say, as much as i love it, gerard does seem to sound quite drunk in that song…

        oh and ross finds that video of your friend hilarious, he’s watched it about a million times already…


        PS How do MCR sound anything like the Ting Tings!!??


  3. Lovin the chavmas song!!! And bit weird too coz i was about to email you to see if you have ever heard it. Amazingly, lauren told me about it last year, and just reminded me again. so i sign in, and voila, you already know it.

    Lauren also approves of the following:

    The 12 days of chavmas
    AaLL I WANT FOR xMAS (MCR cover)
    Na Na Na
    Planetary (GO!)
    Party poison
    Vampire money.

    We have a breakthrough. or maybe its the xmas spirit….?

    Bel xxx 🙂


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