My professional portfolio is here, with all the places contaminated with containing my work. If you’re looking for a whistle-stop tour of Indifferent Ignorance, here are some of my blogging themes, favourite topics and popular pages:

All my posts about MCR and the MCRmy (unless I forgot to tag them)

Anything roughly politics-related (unless I forgot to tag it)

Stuff that might get Internet trolls in a bother

All book reviews

A list of LGBT art

The 50 Blog Challenge blogs


5 thoughts on “Transmissions

    1. I know someone called Francesca Burke! Oh…It’s you…
      However, I also have a friend at school called Francesca Burt and your birthdays are very close together. I never get confused though, I always remember your birthday!


  1. I have a chemistry teacher called Frank Burke. He’s Canadian. And likes blowing stuff up. Lots. Every lesson, infact.

    But i also know who you are, and never get confused between the two. Nor am i looking for you. Because i know where you live, and, if i really wanted to, could stalk you.

    x 🙂


  2. Hello. I am a 20 year old student. I used to have a classmate named Francesca Burke in Our Lady’s Catholic High School, Liverpool, U.K.
    I desperately want to find her because I still love her, even though it has been six years since I last saw her. Anyway I think she has forgotten about me because I wasn’t important for her, so I have to start from a scratch if I find her.
    I would be greatful if anyone guided me on how to find my lost love.
    Thank You


    1. Well, I’m not her because I’m from Essex. Also I have never been to Liverpool.

      Keep Googling, I guess. Search her on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and check your old schoolfriends to see if they know?!


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